Huwebes, Pebrero 27, 2014

Feeding the Beast, The Best Steaks in Myrtle Beach

myrtle beach golf and steaks go together
Just 45 minutes down the coast from Topsail Island is Myrtle Beach, SC which lays claim to some of the world's best golf and also some of the area's most delightful steak houses. Now if you're in town taking advantage of killer rates on Myrtle beach Golf Packages, it's an easy task to take advantage of some of the best pieces of prime meat you'll find anywhere. Having said that if you are in Topsail island, it is definitely worth the trip south to enjoy some of Myrtle Beach's best golf and BEEF!

We all know that every meat lover needs it once in awhile. Hamburgers may do the job sometimes, and nobody is going to deny that chicken can be delicious. Yet, neither really gets the job done. We need steaks, and a bad steak isn’t going to satisfy us. We’re spending our money on a steak, so we should expect the best.

What Makes a Great Steak?
As much as it sounds great, having a large chunk of meat thrown in the oven for our desired length of time isn’t going to get the job done. What goes into making a great steak takes a little more. First of all, you have to consider the grade of the meat. If you want the best steak, you have no choice, you absolutely must go with a place that serves USDA Prime Beef. Choice Beef is good, but not good enough for the best. 

Most don’t know this, but a quality steak needs to be aged. There are two types of aging, dry and wet aging, but the difference isn’t too important. What is important is that the steak at least be aged. 

Finally, somehow people forget this, but seasoning is important. There’s no saying what the best way to season a steak, but a good steakhouse will know how to bring out and complement the flavor of the steak, rather than masking or overpowering the flavor.

Where Can I Find the Best Steak in Myrtle Beach?
Now, you’re in Myrtle Beach, and you have that craving for the best steak out there. Who can blame you? The only question is, where do you find the best steak in Myrtle Beach? Here are just a few selections of where you can go out to find those best steaks in Myrtle Beach. Of course, all these restaurants serve USDA Prime Beef.

21 Main: 21 Main is new to Myrtle Beach, and is known for their excellent steaks. They take aging seriously here, aging their USDA Prime meat for 28 days before cooking it up and serving it to you.

Ruth’s Chris: Just because it’s a chain restaurant doesn’t mean that it isn’t a quality place to get some of the best steaks. Ruth’s is well known throughout the country for providing it’s guests with great eats. 

Divine Prime: A wine and tapas bar. Divine Prime is known for great service in chic setting. I’ve heard the steak here is absolutely to die for. 

SeaBlue: Want a place to chow down on some delicious steak in a sophisticated and luxurious setting, perfect for dates? SeaBlue is the perfect spot for top steaks and romance.

New York Prime: New York Prime was the first, and for years the only place to get your hands on USDA Prime Beef in Myrtle Beach. Be sure to dress a little nicer, New York Prime emulates the high end steakhouses of New York.

Frank’s Restaurant and Frank’s Outback: The name might not bring to mind the kind of place you go to for fine dining, but Frank’s is very sophisticated, and serves top quality steaks. If you feel like getting in touch with the caveman in you and eating outside, yet still being extremely comfortable, you can head to the back and hang out outside at Frank’s Outback.